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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

Hilarious Fortnite Video Breaks Down the Different Types of Players You Encounter in Battle Royale

Those who have played Fortnite: Battle Royale long enough will have encountered most if not all of the types of people that play the game. Fortnite fan Samuel 'Endjui' Carlsson has released two hilarious montage videos on his YouTube channel that accurately document each of those types of players. In the videos, Endjui introduces the type of player and then follows it up with a funny clip of them in action, usually along with some comical music or sound bite. Some of his hilarious category types include: "The Newbie, The Lobby Dancer, The Shotgun Pro, The Bush Wookie, The Runescaper, The Marathon Runner, The Default Skin, The Vacuum Cleaner," and much more. Anyone who has played Fortnite will relate to these categories, having either encountered them in the game or having been one at some point. Whether its the painfully annoying experience of getting shot at from someone in a bush, running into people wearing default skins who are masters at the game, or having to run across the map to escape the gas, the examples of the comical experiences of Fortnite are endless. - Here are the two videos, title Fortnite - Personalities #1 and #2 x x x