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Archive • Aug 16, 2017

High Profile Halo Pro Player Reveals to Dexerto His Plans to Switch to Call of Duty

The Infinite Warfare season for 2017 concluded when two former Halo players playing for OpTic Gaming lifted the title as world champions. It's convinced more players to make the switch. Ian 'Crimsix' Porter and Matt 'FormaL' Piper are just two names that have made the switch over from playing professionally in Halo, to competing at a top level on Call of Duty. With the Halo esports scene looking more fragile as the days go by, it has been announced by top European Halo player Perry 'TuFoxy' Kenyon that he'll be attempting to make the move when Call of Duty WWII launches in November.

The twenty-one year old from Portsmouth has dominated the top of the European Halo scene with his squad, FAB Esports. Playing for other names that include TCM Gaming, Infused and Supremacy, he's won everything possible within the region, whilst also placing top 8 when playing against North American teams at international events. In order to find out more about why he's moving over, we interviewed him on everything from when he made the decision, through to other Halo players he expects to switch over. x For anyone who doesn’t know you, can you introduce yourself? My name is Perry Kenyon and I go by the alias of tuf0xy, and I have been competing professionally in the Halo franchise for nearly 6 years now. x You’re doing this interview today to announce formally that you’ll be making the switch from Halo to Call of Duty. What is your reason behind the move and how long have you been considering it? I originally started competing in esports due to not being able to play sports due to a number of injuries when I was younger. It has always been about competition and at the time of me starting out, competing in Halo was the pinnacle of it all. Seeing the sheer numbers and growth in the Call of Duty scene year on year has basically made the decision for me. I did consider it a little while back when a large number of NA players attempted the move during Ghosts, but I was never fully invested in the idea until very recently.   x What has gone so wrong in the Halo scene that you’d give up almost guaranteed first places for a far more difficult task? A lot of the reasoning to sway away from it all is down to a combination of the TO/developers decisions throughout the most recent game. Some of the decisions that have been made are genuinely laughable. Not to go too much in-depth about it all but if some of the advice given by players and credible members of the community were taken on board the game could be in a very different place right now. The game itself was really unenjoyable for me as the competitive settings were NOT competitive we were basically playing public default settings for two years even with players crying out for change, myself included. x How successful do you think you can be within the Call of Duty scene? What have some of the pro-CoD players said? I am a realist on how my move to another game is going to go. I know it is going to be a grind but seeing the success of others who have made the change, but I'm positive competing at the top is doable. Fortunately, I'm good friends with a lot of the players competing at the top in Europe right now so have been getting fed a lot of information regarding how things work and the ways of going about it, now I'm just hoping an opportunity presents itself. People may think I am making the change solely due to the decline of Halo and partly it is, but know the next few years I'm fully invested in this endeavour and it will certainly not be half-arsed. x  Has seeing the Halo pro players such as Enable and FormaL made a successful move been an incentive to you? Yes massively, obviously both of them and Crimsix doing so well is a huge incentive just shows that if you put your mind to something and fully invest yourself towards a new target anything is possible. What I have heard a lot from the players I have spoken to is their respect for the aims of the Halo players as they're so consistent. I feel if I have this going for me as well as my international experience, with some guidance I'll be a real contender. x Have you spoken to any teams yet about joining? Has there been any discussion over what kind of role you’d play? I spent a good amount of time thinking about what role I would be best suited to and came to the conclusion running a sub machine gun would best compliment my Halo playstyle. Regarding team Regarding team situations, I have not contacted anyone as of yet as it's only recently become a certainty of my move but I have some indicators of who I would like to start out with. Hopefully, some of the pro players can point me to a good home. x Do you know if there will be more than just you making a move to the CoD scene? There is a lot of talk in the American scene that a good numbers of pro players are debating the switch. The thing is I really don't see a lot of them making a move solely down to the fact a lot of them are still making relatively good money. I've heard Cratos is a certainty as well as the on going rumor of Huke returning every other week. Would be cool to see a good number get involved. Regarding Europe, in terms of pros I wouldn't count many more then myself making the full commitment, as a lot of the players competing this season are relatively new to being at the top; due to a good number of the traditional Halo players quitting due to the dislike towards the current game. x Have you considered what will happen if you make the transition and you don’t do as well as expected? Yes, the possibility has crossed my mind that it may not turn out as planned, but I am fully invested in the move and have plans to be at least competing for the next two installments of the game as I am currently comfortable financially. x When will be your last time competing on Halo? Right now I am planning for the upcoming Gfinity events as a farewell Halo event. Hopefully, go out on another win and remain unbeaten in Europe since PRE-HWC 2016. x You can follow Perry on Twitter @tuf0xy or keep an eye out on for any announcements regarding being picked up by a team. x