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Archive • Mar 12, 2018

Head of XBOX Reveals his Thoughts About Fortnite Cross-Play with PS4

Fortnite: Battle Royale's renowned cross-play capabilities have revolutionized the battle royale scene by unifying players across various platforms. The game had already been supporting PC/MAC - PS4 cross play for a while when it recently added in mobile and XBOX to the mix. While developer Epic Games just began signing up IOS users for limited invitations, the XBOX One's cross play ability has fully been launched and users can play with their friends on PC and Mac. However, despite this intricate web of cross-platform capability, XBOX One and PS4 users still will not be able to party up together for Fortnite. Cross play between the two consoles has been hinted in the past but has never materialized. Fans of both consoles have been asking for years and now they want to play Fortnite across consoles. In a response to a tweet, Phil Spencer, Head of XBOX, revealed that the console team is open to the idea. x The official Fortnite Twitter page also expressed interest. x The lack of any enthusiasm or interest from Sony's end suggests that they may be the ones holding things back and whether or not Fortnite players on Ps4 can team with their XBOX counterparts depends on their final decision. But with the Head of XBOX and Fortnite both fully in on the idea, perhaps there is an inkling of hope to be found on the Playstation horizon. x