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Archive • Jan 06, 2016

Hastr0 Announces New Deal For EnVyUs CoD Team

We've always liked Hastr0 at Dexerto and today he proved why he's one of the good guys. Announcing on Twitter that his EnVyUs CoD squad would be receiving a new deal, he also revealed it would be a larger contract in order to make the players more career stable than ever before. His squad (JKap, Slash, Aches & Teep) recently qualified for the CoD World League Pro Division in North America and were the only squad worldwide to not drop a map in the process. We approached Hastr0 to get a further understanding of what this means for the team and why it came about. He replied in an exclusive statement to Dexerto:
"We've guaranteed player fees above what I would consider a healthy base income for professional gamers. Especially compared to past Call of Duty player salaries. We didn't necessarily need a reason. We were always working toward this. I knew our players were going to want an increase this year and what they asked for was manageable. So we decided not to over negotiate it and give them a great base to grow upon financially."

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