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Archive • Jun 15, 2015

Halo MCC - HCS Cup 6 & ESL Major League

Winterfox win HCS Cup 6

Winterfox win HCS Cup 6, putting an end to Evil Geniuses' run of tournament wins. Evil Geniuses again made the final but were defeated for the first time since Cup 1. Once again CLG took third place, beating Team Liquid in the consolation tournament. After taking 2nd place in all five of the previous cups, Denial slumped to a top 6 finish this weekend. Final Placements 1. Winterfox: Arkanum, Randa, Ryanoob, Naded 2. Evil Geniuses: Snipedown, Lunchbox, Roy, Lethul 3. Counter Logic Gaming: SnakeBite, Cloud, Clutch, Royal2 4. Team Liquid: Ninja, Aries, Shooter, Spartan T6. Cloud9: Victory X, FearItself, Hysteria, iGotUrPistola T6. Denial: APG, Heinz, Mikwen, Chig T8. eXcellence Gaming: Coby, eL Town, iTz So Frosty, UnLegit T8. OpTic Gaming: Flamesword, Maniac, Ace, Assault

Insight qualify for ESL Scuf Gaming Major League Final

Only five teams turned out for today's ESL Scuf Gaming Major League Final qualifier. After four weeks of unsuccessful qualification attempts, Insight finally booked a place in the final tournament. This week they beat German line up DMM in the Final. Insight will join Epsilon, Next Gaming and Xenex in the winners tournament with €1000 on the line. Final Placements 1. Insight: Flamez, Godshot, Vard, Snakey 2. DMM T4. Viperio T4. dzs

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