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H1Z1 King of The Crown $300,000 Winner Leaked

The winner of the $300,000 H1Z1 King of the Crown tournament has reportedly been leaked via an audience member.

The 15 team tournament was hosted by Daybreak Games and featured 75 players predominately from across North America.

H1Z1 is a Battle Royale style game, with players launching in with only one life and forced to fight until they’re the last people standing. The map gradually shrinks in order to promote battles, with equipment, buildings and weapons available across the map.

In a major twist to most competitive gaming events, the outcome of the King of the Crown tournament is actually a closely guarded secret between those in attendance. This is due to it being aired on the CW Network TV channel over a month after taking place.

It is now reported that Obey took the title after a sneaky audience member posted the information online. On top of that, it’s suggested that the team only got three kills by avoiding the action all game and killing the final three members alive.


The actual tournament took place on March 18th but will finally be aired on April 20th at 9pm EST on the CW Network. Will Obey walk away winners or has it all been a distraction technique? We’ll find out soon.


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