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Archive • Oct 23, 2017

H1Z1 Host Don Fubar Responds to Backlash Over Invitational Interviews

The host of the H1Z1 Invitational has come out and apologized on Twitter for his actions during two separate $200,000 tournaments. Taking place at TwitchCon 2017 in the Long Beach Convention Center in California, the three H1Z1 tournaments were one of the focal points of the weekend, which took place between Friday October 20th and Sunday 22nd. The controversy surrounding host Don Fubar is all down to his interesting interview technique, as he pretended to ask a couple of runners-up a question about how it felt to place in the top 3, before pulling the mic away and telling them to get off stage.

There was a widespread backlash on Twitter as a host of high profile players and personalities claimed he was out of line. Don Fubar responded at first by defending his actions to anyone that attempted to criticize what happened. x x Realizing that it was perhaps a mistake to fight back, Don changed his tune and apologized for what happened, including admitting his messed up. x x x Don Fubar will now hope the situation is behind him, however for many, it left a sour taste in what was otherwise a well run and entertaining tournament. Whether Don will feature as host as part of future H1Z1 tournaments remains to be seen. The H1Z1 Pro League was announced in October and will begin in late 2017, complete with $50,000 salaries for each player involved in the competition. x