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Archive • Oct 23, 2017

H1Z1 Host Slammed for Disrespecting Invitational Runner Up

The host of the 2017 H1Z1 Invitational has been criticised for the way he treated the runners-up of the $200,000 tournament. Three separate H1Z1 competitions with a total of $500,000 of prize money took place across TwitchCon 2017, between Friday October 20th and Sunday 22nd. Host and interviewer, Don Fubar, has come under scrutiny over his dismissive attitude towards players who were awarded second and third place.

Attempting to make a joke about them needing to try harder in order to place first, on multiple occasions throughout both the All-Star and Legends Invitational, he asked the runners-up how it felt, before pulling the microphone away and telling them they couldn't speak because they didn't win. CS:GO pro player Spencer 'Hiko' Martin was the first to receive the treatment during the All-Star competition, but it was the way Don Fubar treated former Halo pro player Chance 'MoNsTcR' Duncan that has really caused a stir. The Twitch clip has been viewed over 40,000 times with the title "Don't hire him again, he's so disrespectful and thinks he's funny". It's currently the second most viewed clip from the weekend on the H1Z1 Twitch. x The clip caught the attention of a number of high profile people on Twitter, who all expressed their surprise at how unprofessional it was of him to do it. x Popular streamer Pineaqples brought the situation to light. x CoD World League commentator Jack 'Courage' Dunlop was also unimpressed. x Hiko was shocked it happened to more than just him. x Halo host Elamite was at a loss for words. x McJuggerNuggets found it difficult to watch. x Finally, MoNsTcR had his say. x Don Fubar has since responded to the backlash. x