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Archive • Nov 08, 2017

A Guide to Prestiges in Call of Duty: WWII

The Prestiging system in Call of Duty WWII is the most complicated for any title to date. In simpler times, a player’s “Prestige” referred only to the badge that sat next to their name in the game lobby, and upon reaching the maximum level each time players had the option to move up a Prestige, effectively resetting themselves back to level one and starting the ranking-up process from scratch. Today, the Prestige system is a little more complex, and WWII has only added to the features of the Prestige system. As well as the classic Prestige rank, players’ weapons and Divisions can also be Prestiged independently.

We've compiled a guide to the various aspects of the Prestige system in WWII, how they can each be unlocked and what rewards come with them.  

Prestige Level

Keeping things traditional, Sledgehammer has opted for ten Prestige ranks, each housing a maximum rank of 55 – the same basic set-up that Call of Duty 4 operated, the first title in the franchise to introduce Prestiges. There is also, however, a “Prestige Master” badge for players who complete the 10th Prestige.     As usual, Prestiging re-sets a player’s progression, requiring weapons, equipment, scorestreaks and Basic Trainings to be unlocked once again through the ranking system. Each Prestige does, however, award a Prestige token, which can be used to permanently unlock one item. Each Prestige also unlocks a helmet with the badge of the Prestige on it.  

Weapon Prestige

There are two Prestiges for each weapon. In order to Prestige a weapon, it must be at the maximum level, with all attachments unlocked. When this point is reached, players can go to the Gunsmith in Headquarters, where they will have the option to Prestige the weapon. Prestiging a weapon resets all attachments. The benefit to Prestiging weapons is the ability to add inscriptions to it. The first Prestige allows players to add their clan tag to the weapon, while the second adds a kill counter that updates in real time. Other than these additions, the appearance of the weapon is unchanged. Other CoD WWII Guides


Division Prestige

A brand-new feature added with WWII, Divisions also come with their own Prestige hierarchy. As with weapons, each Division must be ranked up individually in order to unlock their Prestige benefits. Each division has a total of four ranks within each Prestige, each of which unlocks a new attribute for the division. Once a player has hit the maximum rank for a Prestige, they can go to the Division Prestiges officer in Headquaters to Prestige that Division. The officer in charge of Division Prestiges can be found behind the mail point, to the right of the main bunker as seen from the perspective of the default Headquarters spawn point. Prestiging a Division resets it to rank one, removing the additional attributes earned by ranking up, and grants the following rewards:
  • Prestige 1: A new weapon and a new basic training are unlocked.
    • Infantry: SVT-40 and Viewfinder basic training
    • Airborne: MP40 and Energetic basic training
    • Armored: MG 42 and Hunkered basic training
    • Mountain: KAR98K and Stealth basic training
    • Expeditionary: Sawed-Off Shotgun and Unconscious basic training
  • Prestige 2: A new division-specific calling card
  • Prestige 3: A new division-specific outfit
  • Prestige 4: An epic variant of the weapon that was unlocked by Prestiging this division for the first time.
The additional benefit to Presitiging Divisions is that each much be at Prestige 1 or above in order to unlock the V2 Rocket, the hidden score streak that is WWII’s answer to the Tactical Nuke of previous games.