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Archive • Nov 03, 2017

A Guide to Every Weapon in Call of Duty: WWII

We have compiled a full list of every gun within Call of Duty: WWII now that the title is officially released worldwide. Throughout the various multiplayer levels within CoD: WWII, there are 29 different weapons to choose from between the major categories: Assault Rifle (AR), Submachine Gun (SMG), Gun Rifle (LMG), Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and Secondary. Each image displays the weapon, along with its description, statistics, and ammunition capacity. x

Assault Rifles

M1941 Automatic rifle with good rate of fire and moderate damage. x M1 Garand Semi-automatic precision weapon. Inflicts high damage and can eliminate enemies in two shots. x STG44 Automatic rifle with little recoil and moderate damage. x M1A1 Carbine Semi-automatic rifle with high shooting rate and low recoil. Can eliminate enemies in three shots. x FG 42 Powerful automatic rifle with medium fire rate. x BAR Automatic rifle. High shooting rate and medium recoil. x SVT-40 Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Powerful, he can eliminate enemies in two shots. x

Submachine guns (SMG)

Grease Gun Automatic machine gun with low recoil and stable rate of fire. x PPSH-41 Automatic submachine gun with large loader. Average damage. x Type 100 Automatic submachine gun with moderate power. Better range of its category. x WAFFE 28 Automatic machine gun with high recoil. Best rate of fire of its category. x M1928 Automatic submachine gun with high firing rate. Average retreat. x MP-40 Automatic submachine gun with moderate recoil and stable rate of fire. x

Machine Gun Rifles (LMG)

LEWIS Automatic and powerful automatic rifle. Average retreat. x MG 15 Automatic rifle. High shooting rate and medium recoil. x BREN Automatic rifle with low firing rate, but high power. x MG 42 Automatic rifle. High shooting rate and medium recoil. x

Sniper rifles

Karabin Semi-automatic sniper rifle that eliminates in two shots if placed above the hips. x LEE ENFIELD Snap shotgun that eliminates the target in one shot if the shot reaches the torso or an upper body. x M1903 A heavy sniper rifle. Increased chance to kill in one shot. x Kar98k Sniper rifle that is likely to kill in one shot. x


Combat Shotgun A powerful shotgun that eliminates in a short-range shot. x M30 Luftwaffe Drilling Double-barreled shotgun that uses two high-dispersion shot cartridges. x Toggle Action Semi-automatic pump rifle capable of inflicting continuous damage. x Sawed-Off Shotgun Cannon shotgun that deals heavy damage at close range. x

Pistols (Secondary)

P-08 High-speed semi-automatic pistol with little recoil. x 1911 Semi-automatic pistol causing heavy damage with moderate recoil. x Machine pistol Automatic pistol that deals quick damage. x

Launchers (Secondary)

Note: you must equip your class with the basic training 'Launched' to equip a launcher. Bazooka M1 An accurate anti-aircraft launcher. x Panzerschreck Portable rocket launcher. Effective against the infantry. x


American excavator One-shot elimination in close combat. x