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Greek Football Club Panathinaikos Reveal Plans for 6 Different Esports

The latest team to declare it’s involvement in the competitive gaming scene is the Greek Football Club, Panathinaikos.

The club based in the capital city of Athens have pledged to support a number of different titles, with their agenda set on CS:GO, DOTA 2, FIFA, NBA 2K, Starcraft and League of Legends. The esports division would join their current football and basketball divisions.

Panathinaikos are the latest traditional sports team to register their interest in esports, with clubs including Paris Saint Germain, Schalke and Valencia all fielding rosters across multiple games.

According to the translated press release, the plan will be to bring in players of Greek origin in order to help the scene grow in the region.


Translated statement:

“Our Club wants to take this big step and is going to work with teams and players from different popular games such as League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota2, Counter-Strike, FIFA and NBA2K.”

“Panathinaikos AC performs a groundbreaking move that is expected to give the Association substantial benefits and, through this innovation, we turn to Greek players who have already achieved something outside of Greece,” stated club president M. Dimitris Baltakos, as translated by IGN Greece. “We now want to give them extra motivation and organizational framework regarding their involvement with eSports.”

“Competition in the digital environment and the combination of speed, accuracy, strategic thinking, team spirit, etc. is proving to be extremely attractive and is chosen as a form of entertainment (spectators) and for some, as a career (players),” Baltakos added. “Panathinaikos AC, like other top clubs worldwide, wants to pursue this dream, always following development and progress.”

Source – IGN Greece

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