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Archive • Aug 12, 2017

Good Karma Banishes OpTic Curse in Thriller Against Splyce | Call of Duty Championship 2017

Call of Duty Championship 2017

Coverage Hub / Final Placements

Winner’s Round 2

 OpTic Gaming: Scump, Karma, FormaL, Crimsix


 Splyce: Bance, Jurd, Zer0, MadCat

The high profile matchup between OpTic Gaming and Splyce determined which team would find themselves moving on through the winner's bracket. Starting off with Scorch Hardpoint, the two squads found themselves in a somewhat one-sided display to kick off the series. OpTic Gaming out-slayed the European squad, leading to a 250-159 win for the Green Wall. Even after the loss, Splyce was able to quickly rebound on Retaliation Search and Destroy. Although OpTic started to take some rounds, their effort could not bring them the victory, falling with a 3-6 scoreline. Momentum was obviously gained after the SnD, with Splyce keeping the pressure on OpTic throughout Throwback Uplink. Numerous attempts would be thwarted by Splyce, coming through behind a dominant performance by Ben 'Bance' Bance for the 9-5 win. Breakout Hardpoint saw various lead changes across the different hills. OpTic and Damon 'Karma' Barlow would reign supreme, taking the map 250-213, and trying the series 2-2. Throwback Search and Destroy turned out to be one of the most intense of the Infinite Warfare Season. The two teams traded rounds back and forth throughout the match, with the Green Wall standing tall for the 6-4 win, and the series 3-2. This win guarantees OpTic a top 6 placing, the best that this specific roster has ever gotten at a Call of Duty Championship. x OpTic Gaming vs Splyce 3-2 Hardpoint: 250-159 SnD: 3-6 Uplink: 5-9 Hardpoint: 250-213 SnD: 6-4 x Up next for these teams OpTic Gaming vs FaZe Clan in winner's round 3 Splyce vs Epsilon in loser's round 2 x

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