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Archive • Sep 13, 2017

Goldenboy Plans Return to Call of Duty Commentary on WWII

Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez hopes to return to casting Call of Duty esports when the launch of WWII this November kicks off the new competitive season. The professional esports commentator and host has casted on several major esports titles, including Halo and Overwatch, but started life out on CoD with Major League Gaming. Event schedule conflicts between Halo and Call of Duty and his primary obligations as Halo Championship Series' principle caster ultimately forced Goldenboy to miss out on several CoD tournaments in 2015. A full-time role at Twitch between 2014 and 2016 also led to speculation that his options for CoD were limited, though he clarified otherwise in a Reddit post two years ago: The lure of the franchise's return to 'Boots on the Ground' looks to have potentially reshaped his plans at the expense of Overwatch, as suggested by a recent Reddit post in response to a user asking about his future:

"Without a shadow of a doubt — I don't know how, I haven't talked to anyone official — but I will be doing CoD this year. There's no way there can be a World War 2 shooter and me not cast it. It's just not happening, so I will be doing it one way or another. I intend on making the trip out to the Detroit 5K event that's going to be taking place at the launch of the first week of the game."

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