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Archive • Jul 16, 2017

Gfinity Elite Series Player Spotlight: Prophecy EpicToastie

Give our interview with Infused Radioo a look in when you're done here.     Can you introduce yourself? My name is Stuart Blair, also known as EpicToastie. I started gaming when I was just 2 with my dad and brother.   What attracted you to competitive gaming? I was attracted to competitive gaming when Project Cars came out on PS4 and my brother invited me to a Facebook group that arranged weekly tournaments. I ended up winning all four, and I guess success even then was addictive. Looking back, Rocket League was a natural progression.   Do you have any inspirations in pro gaming or from other sports? My inspirations include Scump and H3CZ from OpTic Gaming. H3CZ's YouTube content is something I find myself watching all the time and it's interesting to see how the owner of such a popular esports organization gets on with his daily life.   How would you describe your style of play in-game? My style of play is mostly rotational. I focus a lot on where every player is and can find spaces in the other teams rotations where I can slot in and create chances.   How did it feel to be drafted into the Gfinity Elite Series as part of Prophecy? It was unreal, to be honest. I was working and all of a sudden I received an email saying that I'll be getting paid to compete on my favourite game. I've been playing for 2 years straight and it was the ultimate payoff and motivation to continue to improve. Prophecy and the Elite Series have given me an opportunity to build an esports career that might not otherwise have been possible for a Rocket League player in the UK.   What was it like to be invited down to London with the other players as part of the Gfinity Player Day? It was amazing! I loved meeting all the guys that I have been talking to for around 2 years. Again, could this have happened just a couple of years ago? I'm not sure.   What have you learned in your experience so far? That Gfinity hasn't been slacking on this event. It's definitely the biggest I've ever witnessed and I feel like I'm up there with the players I'm used to watching on live streams.   Who’s your main competition in this first season? I would love to play against my friend who also lives in Glasgow, Alieuzz on exceL. To beat him would settle a long rivalry.   What do your friends and family think about you competing as part of the Gfinity Elite Series for Prophecy? They think it's amazing. Everyone was asking how it's possible to get paid for playing video games, and now all they have to do is tune into the live stream every weekend to see how impressive the setup is. No words or explanation required.

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