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Archive • Feb 06, 2018

The Overwatch League Team of Female Pro Player Geguri Has Been Revealed

It has been reported that Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-yeon is set to join the Shanghai Dragons. A former member of the ROX Orcas team that competed in Season 4 of OGN's APEX, Greguri will be the first female player to join the Overwatch League.

Speculation over Geguri’s possible participation in the league was sparked recently when she confirmed on stream that she would be joining a foreign team. Many speculated that she was bound for the New York Excelsior, but it is instead the Shanghai Dragons, the league’s only Chinese team, that have acquired her services. Geguri’s path to and through professional play has been highly scrutinized. When she first rose to prominence with impressive Zarya play online, many accused her of hacking, and having cleared her name she’s frequently been cited as the go-to example in discussions surrounding the lack of female players in the Overwatch League. Geguri herself has never courted the spotlight, having spoken out on multiple occasions against being used as an example in other people’s arguments. Shanghai Dragons haven’t had a particularly successful start to the Overwatch League. The only team not to have yet won a series, they’ve stood out as the weakest team in the league so far, with only four map wins to their name. According to the ESPN report, Geguri isn’t the only Korean player being picked up by Shanghai. Element Mystic tank and captain Lee ‘Fearless’ Eui-Seok and MVP Space flex Cheon ‘Ado’ Ki-hyun will also be joining the team, leaving the Dragons just one more spot on the roster, which will apparently be filled by an as-yet unknown Chinese player. Geguri and the other new recruits will become eligible to make their Overwatch League debut in Stage 2 of the regular season, which begins on February 21st.