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Season 1 of Gears of War Versus Seasons Has Arrived

Need to prove to your friends how good you are in Gears or want some awesome new camos? The Coalition has the answer you are looking for with Versus Seasons.

Season 1 will be live from now until mid-July, and the skill-based Ranked Play playlists will be filled with rewards for those good enough to get them.

Like many of the popular ranking systems in gaming today, winning games will put you at a better reward tier, and Season 1 rewards, distributed after the season is over, will be based on the highest rank you get throughout the season.

The ranks for Versus Seasons range from Bronze and Silver, where 70% of the player-base will reside, to Gold, Onyx, and Diamond, which have camo rewards on top of bragging rights for those top players.

Each Ranked Playlist has its own ranking system and will offer the Gold, Onyx, and Diamond camo rewards for different guns.

For example, a player who gets to the Diamond Rank in Team Deathmatch and the Onyx Rank in Execution will get that player a Diamond Camo on their Lancer, as well as an Onyx Camo on their Longshot.

Also included with the Season 1 update are improvements to matchmaking, where “an updated skill based algorithm” has been introduced to allow for better skill-based matchmaking.

The Season 1 announcement post also included a preview of a Ranked Playlist page on, where a player can see their stats and rank in Ranked Playlists.

Read the full update on the official Gears of War website.


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