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Gears of War Fight Night All-Stars Series and Player Participants Announced

After hyping up the All-Star series for the past week, Gears of War and MLG have announced details for the round robin tournament, including the 19 players that will be a part of the player pool.

With four players selected as team captains, 20 players will be put on four different teams and compete against each other in best-of-one games on Gears Fight Nights.

Nineteen players were announced for the draft pool, with the 20th player being selected via fan vote on the Gears of War website.

After the teams play each other top two teams will face off at Vegas.

The draft is scheduled for the April 26th edition of Gears Fight Nights, where the Fan Vote player will be announced, and there are strict rules in place for international and same-org players.

One international player is allowed per all-star team, and teams cannot select more than one player from an organization at the time of the draft.

As expected, OpTic Gaming, Echo Fox, Team EnVyUs, and eUnited all had three players make the cut for the all-star tournament, with international powers Splyce and Epsilon getting two all-star nominees.

Here’s a look at the team captains, player pool, and those that can be chosen as the 20th player:

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Gilbert ‘Xplosive’ Rojo – OpTic Gaming

Jamie ‘ToySoldier’ Rivera – Team EnVyUs

Edwin ‘Demo’ Perez – eUnited

Kyle ‘Kyle’ Mason – Echo Fox



Billy ‘Mental’ Putnam – OpTic Gaming

Nicholas ‘Red Icy’ Cope- OpTic Gaming

Brian ‘Solurs’ Valenzuela – Team EnVyUs

Arody ‘Praized’ Dipre – Team EnVyUs

Thomas ‘Dispensa’ Dispensa – eUnited

Kaid ‘GODPLAYS’ Saleh – eUnited

Chris ‘Crushmo’ Lauzon- Echo Fox

Frank ‘Franko’ Wesley Tibbs Jr. – Echo Fox

Dylan ‘Eternity’ Merrill – Enigma6

Ryan “Wildebeast” Gant -Intrigue

Malil ‘Kraz’ David- Team Allegiance

Daniel ‘Identivez’ Velasco Santillana – Splyce

Hector ‘Dezonide’ Becerra- Splyce

Matthew ‘Krazed’ Macdonald – Epsilon

Will ‘Phelpzy’ Phelps – Epsilon


Fan Vote Players:

Ashley ‘Jeter’ – Yikes

Demacro ‘Drix’ Gaines – Ghost Gaming

Keny ‘Keny’ Bonnot – Team Vitality

James ‘Jjmbob’ McAlary – Mindfreak

Jacob ‘DFazio’ – Illicit Gaming

Benjamin ‘Strangulate’ Hyughe – N/A

Shane ‘Prospect’ King – Fable

Michael ‘Zerpting’ Rodriguez – eUnited

Quirstin ‘Hesahtations’ Cabezas – Enigma6

Dylan ‘Speedy’ Winston – Ghost Gaming

Click here to vote on which player you want to see in the Gears Fight Night All-Stars Competition.

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