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Gears Fight Night Preview – April 19, 2017

A player on the hunt for revenge on his former team, and an All-Star announcement highlight this post-Easter Fight Night.

While there were no GameBattles 2k tournaments this weekend thanks to Easter Weekend, Gears of War and MLG have announced a special Fight Night with two show matches on the card.

Here’s what’s planned for what should be another exciting Wednesday night of Gears matches:


Illicit vs. Fire N Ice Esports

A nice palette cleanser after a full week without a Fight Night or 2k action to watch, this show-match is sure to bring out two promising teams that will gain some great exposure on the Fight Night stage.

While Illicit have been an under-card organization who recently took top-16 in the recent Atlantic City Open, the most interesting team in this will be Fire N Ice Esports.

A new organization on the block has a grand stage to introduce themselves on, and can immediately stake their claim in the Gears scene by taking down a mid-card team.

Although their social media presence is light with only 36 followers at the time of writing, FireNIce is ready to introduce themselves to the esports world:

Let’s hope they introduce a spell checker in the near future.

Continued below.




EUnited vs. Ghost Gaming

eUnited and Ghost Gaming, while not the juggernauts of OpTic and nV, are still two heavyweights that can produce a great fight, and combine to make the Main Event of this week’s Fight Night.

Kaid “GODPLAYS” Saleh was a part of Ghost Gaming when the team took third at the Mexico City Open, but the organization and GODPLAYS went their separate ways ahead of the Atlantic City Open.

eUnited then decided to bring in GODPLAYS to round out their roster and were rewarded with a string of solid 2k finishes at top-6 at the Atlantic City Open.

Ghost Gaming and eUnited have played each other several times long after this roster move, however, with the Fight Night lights on full blast, we’ll see if GODPLAYS can send a message to his former team or if Ghost Gaming can pull off the upset.


Gears Fight Night All-Stars to be Announced

Gears of War have decided to have themselves an All-Star game, similar to what’s seen in traditional sports and other esports.

Details are sparse but this edition of Fight Nights will bring the full details of the All-Star series, as well as the participating players. Whether it be region-locked or a global all-star series, it’s pretty much expected that the best of the OpTic and Team EnVyUs rosters will be a part of the exclusive draft.


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