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Archive • Dec 05, 2017

G FUEL Content Creator Spotlight: Ava from Team Kaliber

We want to highlight and congratulate the content creators of the gaming and esports community, so we’ve teamed up with G FUEL Energy to do just that. The G FUEL Content Creator Spotlight will be a regular feature where we find out more about people in the gaming industry who work hard for our entertainment. Check out our last one with SoaR Gaming's Nudah.

Our guest in this edition is the Canadian Twitch streamer known as Amanda 'Ava' Durocher. Streaming a variety of different games on almost a daily basis via her Twitch channel, Ava has a loyal fan base, including many people involved in the competitive gaming industry. We wanted to find out more about how she got into streaming, what her family thinks about it and more!



My name is Amanda Durocher and I'm 27 years old. I'm originally from Canada but now living in Austin, Texas. I've been playing games since I was a kid on my parent's Super Nintendo. I used to play a lot of online Call of Duty and through that, discovered streaming. However I wasn't introduced to the competitive side of things until a bunch of pro players found my channel. x


Joining Team Kaliber

I started watching the top teams and from there I made friends with a bunch of people involved.

A couple of them were good girlfriends who had competed and I thought it would be fun to try. I had been a big fan of Team Kaliber when they had their original team and I was approached at that time by KOSDFF to create a girls team and I thought it would be awesome to try.

However I came into the scene whilst I was in college and as much as I liked the competitive side of CoD, I found it wasn't for me. I enjoyed the variety that streaming allowed and it wasn't totally focused on my gameplay, rather than practicing CoD for hours.

So I backed out and worked on finishing my degree after like two events. The others stayed together and kept competing but I just wasn't in a place where I could put 100%. I'm still good friends with everyone and KOSDFF just let's me do my own thing basically.


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My motivation to work and get on to stream is of course to pay my bills. While it started as a hobby and just for fun, I am proud to say it's evolved into something I can save money from and pay bills with.

But like every other job, if I don't work, I don't get paid. If I've had a tough day it can be hard to press that start button and put on an act, but it's weird, I have such a wonderful community nine times out of ten they help me feel better.

They can sense something is off and know to be silly and goofy and distract. Just like your friends or family would.



Role Models

I don't really have role models or anything. I've really just done my own thing and had fun with it.

One person I respect and got me into streaming was my friend Melissa, who also ended up introducing me to Lanai or ms. Vixen.

Lanai has done a lot in the gaming industry, especially with her charity streams and her community and always with class and a positive attitude.


Family and Friends

I'm very open with my family about everything I do. My mom is my best friend. I tell her everything. My parents follow all my social media and come in my stream. My Dad even drinks and streams with me from time to time. They are incredibly supportive and proud and I feel very lucky. x x

Favorite Memory

I have a load of wonderful memories so far with my stream, but my favorite has to be organizing charity streams for Westview school. It's a school designed to help children diagnosed with Autism.

All I did was organize companies, prizes and games, and the response from not just my community (who know how near and dear the Autism issue is to my heart), but other streamers, viewers and just people who don't even watch Twitch was incredibly heart warming. We've raised something over $30,000 for the school.



If I were to give advice to up and coming streamers, it would be just to be persistent. It's an entertainment business so find your niche and stick with it. Not everyone will make it but that doesn't mean don't try. I started off as a hobby and went to college. I've held shitty jobs and built an audience over years before feeling comfortable enough to go full-time.
x You can follow Ava via Twitter (@OhNoAva_tK) or via Twitch (/avajaijai).  

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