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Archive • Sep 12, 2017

OpTic Gaming Releases Vision - Season 4: Episode 2 - "Foundation"

OpTic Gaming has released the second episode of the fourth season for their weekly documentary series titled ‘Vision.’ As one of the most recognized brands throughout esports, OpTic Gaming has cemented themselves as a top organization with various championships across different titles, along with a commitment to content creation. They field teams in Call of Duty, Halo 5, Gears of War, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, along with a group of creators that upload to YouTube, stream on Twitch, and much more. In the second installment of Season four, the episode touches on the transition of Nick 'Maniac' Kershner from YouTube content to his attempt in creating music for the organization, Gears of War player Justin 'Kenny' Kenny staying at the team house, along with a focus on content creation from Michael 'Flamesword' Chaves. Fans were also able to get a quick behind-the-scenes look at the filming of a Turtle Beach headset commercial at the house, which featured popular streamer and personality Dr DisRespect. The new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster, made up fully of European players, is also showcased together in the United State for the first time. ESL rules dictated that they must play from within the U.S. for a certain amount of the pro league season in order to remain a North American team. Prior to the episode being published, reports that the Green Wall would be acquiring an Overwatch League position along with their bid at a Leauge of Legends team had fans believing that an announcement would take place within the broadcast, however, no official confirmation was included, leaving many wondering if a formal reveal will take place in the near future. "Foundation" gives a behind the scenes look at various aspects of OpTic prior to their relocation to Dallas, Texas, focusing heavily on the in-depth testimonials of different members. x

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