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Archive • Apr 28, 2018

Fortnite Tease Another Superhero Skin - Fans Speculate Who it Could Be

The third teaser for season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale has revealed yet another character - and like the others, fans are speculating over which superhero it may be. The first image promoting season 4 of the battle pass feature what looked like a meteor strike and a character which somewhat resembled Captain America, The Flash or perhaps Green Lantern. Immediately, fans began to speculate that the upcoming season would involve some sort of theme about superhero's, and this was pretty much confirmed with the second teaser. More obvious than the first, the second teaser image added in what almost certainly is a depiction of Wonder Woman, and so the superhero theme was clearly taking shape. On April 28th, Fortnite have tweeted out a third teaser, same as the first two, but with yet another character added. The image came with the slogan "Check every corner, box and bush - Season 4 Coming Soon" This third character is less obvious than the first two, but some observant fans have noticed similarities to 'Aquaman', particularly the small eyebrow cut. In game, the image is slightly more clear, but still hard to determine exactly which established superhero this could be.
The in game image from the 'News' section
Jason Momao will play Aquaman in the upcoming Movie
Others have also noticed a similarity to Overwatch Hero "Hanzo", however, it is less likely that Fortnite would take inspiration so directly from another major game. It is possible, and perhaps likely, that rather than directly copying Superhero characters from the DC comics (such as Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman), Fortnite are simply doing their own version. This way, Fortnite may get around possible image rights complications. On the other hand, some fans believe that there could be promotion between movie makers and the popular game. x