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Archive • Feb 09, 2018

Streamer Faces Backlash After Claiming Anxiety Isn't Real and That He'd Dare Suicidal Friends to Kill Themselves

The last thing you want to do on the internet is claim that anxiety or depression isn't real, because you're going to face some severe backlash. Unfortunately for Fortnite streamer known as Scubby, he not only claimed that anxiety and depression isn't real, but he went as far as to say that he'd dare suicidal friends to kill themselves, and then congratulates them if they didn't, but then no longer be their friends.

The outburst happened on Thursday, February 8th whilst answering questions from his stream viewers. In some bizarre attempt to motivate people, he claimed this about suicide.
"To answer your question Nichol, if somebody I was responsible for started threatening that they would commit suicide, I would dare them to do it, and then I would never talk to them again. If I saw them in real life again, I'd like be 'wow dude, you didn't commit suicide, good for you' and then I would move on. I would literally cut ties because I cannot be surrounded by people who do that shit, because I would literally lose my mind."

Needless to say, this did not go down well with people. However, he continued beyond that as he explained that he not only thought that about suicide but that he had forcefully told people in his life, including his girlfriend, to stop saying how they feel.
"If you don't have the strength to fucking go out there and make a change. So you're going to complain about it so that way you have other people so you have other people that are in the same boat to reinforce your shitty behavior. That's literally all it is. So I don't have sympathy towards anybody like that, I don't give a fuck. Like I don't give a fuck. I didn't even give a fuck about my own girlfriend's 'anxiety' when we first started dating. I told her, this shit is fake, knock it off. And now, guess what, she literally never talks about her 'anxiety', because it's not a thing."
The footage of the clips were shown during a stream segment by J.Cyrus, another streamer, who continued to destroy Scubby for what he said. x It will come as no surprise that Scubby has since released an apology video, where he claims that he's sorry and that he didn't really know how to respond and that was his way of trying to get off the subject. Somehow we don't believe people are going to buy that, especially not with the cheesy sad music played over the top. x Scubby will need to be careful what he says going forward, as Twitch are bringing in new community guidelines, that includes an entire segment around harassment. For more information on the subject, visit our dedicated news post here. x