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Fortnite Fan Gets Highly Detailed Tattoo of Tilted Towers

The past few months have seen Fortnite: Battle Royale transcend pas just being a video game and become a cultural phenomenon.

Elements from the the highly popular game can be seen in everyday life, ranging from discussions about it on the news to professional athletes using the game’s emotes as real celebrations.

One huge trend relating to Fortnite has been the creation of fan art depicting key aspects of the game. Fan art has been found in a variety of forms, including custom basketball shoes, drawings and paintings, and tattoos.

While tattoos may seem hardcore as they are permanent images on the skin, one huge Fortnite fan does not seem to be worried as he has gotten one of the Tilted Towers landscape on his forearm.

Charles ‘Chuckmode93,’ posted a picture of his body’s new artwork on Twitter and the results are quite remarkable; any casual player of the game will immediately recognize the game’s iconic location.

The credit for the tattoo goes to artist Louie F Perez III who, according to Charles, was the right man for the job.

“It’s both of our favorite game and we stay up for ungodly hours playing haha, Louie is also the best I know at doing landscapes so it only made sense”


This tattoo may turn out to be a great irony as there is heavy speculation that Tilted Towers may be soon wiped out by a meteor strike in-game.

However, if Charles is indeed such a big fan of the location and the game,  then what better way to pay homage than to have it be emblazoned permanently across your forearm.x


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