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Archive • Mar 15, 2018

Fortnite Beats Out CS:GO, PUBG and World of Warcraft as Most Played PC Game

Despite being a trailblazer for the battle royale genre on the console, Fortnite's popularity on PC has been equally impressive, as a new report shows it beating out other established PC titles in the month of February. The most obvious competitor for the cartoonish battle royale is its more militaristic counter-part PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but, testament to Fortnite's reach to gamers of all tastes, it is even topping player counts against Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and World of Warcraft.

Released in 'early access' back in October, there was no stopping the exponential growth of Fortnite, particularly as it was the only game of its type on consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But, according to a new report from NewZoo, Fortnite has been making equally impressive strides on PC, becoming the fourth most played game in February 2018.

The report shows that February was a particularly strong month for Fortnite on PC, as it knocked not only its battle royale rival PUBG down in the rankings, but also CS:GO and World of Warcraft. The ranking is based on unique sessions in North America and Europe only, and saw Fortnite move up to fourth overall, which pushed the other three down.
Source: NewZoo
Conversely, in Asian countries, PUBG still far out performs Fortnite, which is something Epic Games may be keen to address.

In China for example, over 50% of player concentration remains on PUBG, compared to only 1% on Fortnite. This is a market that Fortnite is clearly yet to expand into. NewZoo believes the difference between preference in the two games in the West and the East may come down to the style of each game with Fortnite's more "casual and almost cartoon-like look and more simplified gameplay" and PUBG more realistic and attracts "core gamers". x NewZoo also corroborated reports that Fortnite has dominated the streaming world, as well as YouTube.
"Our Game Streaming Tracker shows that, when excluding esports viewership, Fortnite was the most watched game on Twitch and YouTube Gaming combined with 83.3 million hours. This is 21.6 million more hours than in January."

Source: NewZoo