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Former Team Kaliber and Evil Geniuses Players Announce New Team For CWL Season

Following the most recent roster mania, at the conclusion of Stage One of the CWL Pro League, a number of top players have been left scrambling to find a team for Stage Two and beyond.

Most notably, Team Kaliber’s championship winning player, Dillon “Theory” McGee was dropped from the roster, with his teammates apparently claiming they did not want to play with him any longer – despite their victories at the first two events of the WWII season.

In his place, the team recruited 2018 rookie player Maurice “F3ROCITYS” Henriquez, and former Rise Nation player Anthony “Methodz” Zinni also joined the roster, replacing the outgoing Martin “Chino” Chino.

Due to his very high standing’s in pro points however, Theory was still an attractive prospect to many teams, in spite of the criticisms of his play, with OpTic Gaming’s Matt “FormaL” Piper even suggesting Theory had the worst gun skill of any pro.

And Theory was not the only top level player to be left teamless after all the changes went down, with former Evil Geniuses player Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler being dropped as well.

NAMELESS initially stated he may be unable to find a team for the upcoming CWL Seattle Open, which takes place April 20th – 22nd, due to a lack of offers.

Now however, NAMELESS has let fans know that he has formed a team alongside Theory, joined by Michael “SpaceLy” Schmale and Tanner “Mosh” Clarke.



The team will get their first taste of competitive action in the CWL Pro League Relegation tournament, where they will have to battle through 16 other teams, then to have a chance at facing relegated teams from Stage One, including NAMELESS’ former team Evil Geniuses.

The team are also still in search of an organization ahead of Seattle, and if they can perform well in the relegation tournament, the high profile nature of these players should see them recruited in no time.


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