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Former Misfits Manager Creates Laser Kittenz Overwatch Team

A new European Overwatch organisation called Laser Kittenz has been formed by former Misfits manager Ali ‘Alicus’ Saba.

The team features a number of players from the former Bench Boys squad as well as a number of new additions, including the likes of Nikolaj ‘Zaprey’ Moyes, who himself competed in one of the earlier iterations of the Misfits squad.

The team has been created with the intention of acquiring a spot in Blizzard’s Overwatch league, which is reportedly set to begin in September of this year. With that in mind, and places in the league previously rumoured to cost in the millions of dollars, the new organisation are apparently talking to investors, but aren’t rushing into anything straight away.

Speaking to ESPN, Alicus, now CEO of Laser Kittenz, commented on the team’s intentions moving forward.

“We’re all very excited about the upcoming Overwatch League. It is a new approach to the competitive aspect of gaming, and obviously that is what we are here to do. We have been in talks with some entities that are interested in buying into the league, but we are all waiting on more clarity from Blizzard before we commit anywhere.

We’re in no rush to take a deal, our focus is entirely on how to best utilize the talent that we have at hand and we fully intend to give the viewers something worth watching. I’m excited to work with these players, and I believe the lineup has all the tools to surge to the top”


Members of the team are no strangers to Overwatch’s upper echelons. Both Sergi ‘Winghaven’ Torras and later Finley ‘Kyb’ Adisi competed as part of the Reunited squad that were at the forefront of European competition in the game’s early days.

Laser Kittenz roster:

  • uk flag Finley ‘Kyb’ Adisi
  • spain Sergi ‘Winghaven’ Torras
  • Denmark Nikolaj ‘Zaprey’ Moyes
  • sweden Carl ‘crems’ Apehult
  • germany Herman ‘Nesh’ Kobrin
  • portugal Luis ‘Greyy’ Perestrelo

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