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Former FaZe Clan and Evil Geniuses Player Enable Joins New Team Ahead of CWL Seattle

Multi First-person shooter champion Ian “Enable” Wyatt was released from the active roster on his most recent team under Evil Geniuses, and has now joined a new organization heading in to the remainder of the CWL season.

Enable joined the Evil Geniuses squad at the beginning of the Call of Duty: WWII season, leaving his long time stay on FaZe Clan where he had spent the previous two years plus.

Coming in to the WWII season, Enable was expected to play the main Assault Rifle (AR) role for Evil Geniuses, as he had done during his time in FaZe.

However, numerous meta changes and subpar performances in the AR role from Enable made him switch to become a primary Sub-machine gun (SMG) player.

The role change didn’t help the Evil Geniuses squad’s fortune though, as they were essentially left without a dedicated AR player, and Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler had to step up.

It was obvious that despite the team’s individual talents, they were not going to succeed at the level expected with the role situation, and after failing to qualify for Stage One playoffs of the CWL Pro League, a change was inevitable.

NAMELESS himself was the first to announce he had been released, and has since joined forces with former Team Kaliber player Dillon “Theory” McGee to form a new team.


Enable’s contract with Evil Geniuses was then bought out by UK based organization Lightning Pandas, where Enable will now join in place of the departing Doug “Censor” Martin, who joins CompLexity.


It is unclear exactly what role Enable will play in the new lineup, which also features Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar-Lim, John “Xotic” Bruno and Matthew “Royalty” Faithful. But given they already have a main AR player in Goonjar, it is likely Enable will again be taking up an SMG based role.

So far in the 2018 CWL season, the Lightning Pandas team have been on the cusp of the Pro League level, and with their previous lineup (with Censor) the team eliminated Enable’s former team EG and then FaZe Clan at the CWL Birmingham Open.

The team will hope to make it into Stage Two of the CWL Pro League through the relegation competition, but will face fierce competition.

If Enable and this new team fail to make it into Stage Two, it would be Enable’s first time missing out of the Pro League in his Call of Duty career.


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