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Archive • Feb 13, 2018

Florida Mayhem Expand Coaching Staff Ahead of Overwatch League Stage 2

The Florida Mayhem have recruited Choi ‘r2der’ Hyun-jin as an assistant coach for Stage 2 and beyond in the Overwatch League. The Mayhem didn’t have a particularly successful Stage 1 in the Overwatch League. After five weeks of competition, they sit in eleventh place out of the twelve teams, with only a single win to their name.

One of the most obvious limitations the team ran into was their restricted roster. As the only team in the league with just six players, they had no room to make roster substitutions as other teams could, either for specific strategy or simply to experiment in the pursuit of a more effective team composition. The Mayhem have already announced the addition of one new player, with rumors of more to be confirmed, but it wasn’t just a player deficit that Florida found themselves with. Where most teams had multiple coaches and analysts to help prepare their squads, the Mayhem only had a single coach, Vytis ‘Mineral’ Lasaitis, who himself had been a player with the squad until the second half of 2017. In order to bolster the team’s coaching staff, Florida Mayhem has hired r2der, another coach with professional playing experience. r2der competed in the first season of OGN’s APEX with Kongdoo Panthera. He later moved into a coaching position, most recently working with Meta Athena. Head coach Mineral made the following statement regarding the addition of r2der to the coaching team:
“Coach r2dr brings a wealth of experience to the team, having played and coached Overwatch professionally for MiG Frost, Kongdoo Panthera, Newbee and most recently Meta Athena. It's difficult to find individuals who can understand the game from a player's point of view, while also having a coaching pedigree. He brings an eastern perspective on the game, which will be invaluable as we continue to widen our horizons. I am personally very excited to work closely with r2der to ensure optimal preparation for our players.”
r2der’s own statement was a little more concise:
“I am so proud to work with the Mayhem. Let's destroy everything"
Image: Blizzard (left), Kongdoo (right)