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First Winner Bracket Finalist Decided By European Derby at CWL Anaheim

Epsilon have secured a top-3 minimum placement with a win against domestic rivals Splyce.

There’s no doubting that Splyce have made the biggest international splash of Europe’s elite since their formation, culminating in a historic victory at the Global Pro League Stage One Playoffs, an event at which they were the region’s only representative.

When it comes to competing with their countrymen, however, Splyce have had a thorn in their side in the form of Epsilon. It was the departure of Joshua ‘Joshh’ Lee-Shepherd from Splyce to Epsilon that precipitated Splyce’s own acquisition of Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris, and so far the move seems to have been to mutual benefit.

On the first occasion of their meeting, however, it was Epsilon who came out emphatically on top. Though Splyce took their first skirmish in the winner bracket final of the CWL Birmingham Open, when Epsilon returned for the grand final they secured consecutive 3-0 sweeps to take the title, washing away with ease any former shortcomings.

While taken as a whole Splyce have the upper hand on Epsilon, then, in their head-to-head match-up their remained a score to settle. Unfortunately for the Global Pro League champions, however, following their clash in the winner bracket semi-final at CWL Anaheim the balance has swung further in Epsilon’s favour.


A hot start for Joshh’s new squad got the team out to an emphatic 2-0 lead, including a swift 6-0 in the Search and Destroy, courtesy in part of another fantastic performance from David ‘Dqvee’ Davies. Splyce responded with a Throwback Uplink win that looked convincing for majority of the game, and worryingly close in the dying seconds as Epsilon made a strong last-minute come-back attempt. Epsilon would close it out with another Hardpoint win for a 3-1 victory.

Epsilon have secured a place in the winner bracket final and now await the winner between Evil Geniuses and the Luminosity that Splyce defeated for the Global Pro League title. Splyce, meanwhile, find themselves with no more room for error, facing the possibility of either OpTic Gaming or Enigma6 in their match for a place in the top four.

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