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Archive • Jan 02, 2018

Final Placements for the European New Year's Day CWL 2K Series

The final placements for the last European CWL 2K series tournament of the 2017 calendar year are in with Giants Gaming coming out on top over Splyce. With the 2018 competitive Call of Duty: WWII season in full swing, teams around the world have been amassing CWL Pro Points via online GameBattles matches and weekly 2K Series tournaments. Pro Points assist in determining seeding and eligibility for Pool Play at major LAN tournaments, along with qualification for the highly-anticipated CWL Pro League in January. With such a large number of teams signing up for the weekend tournament, matches continued on Monday, January 1st, with Splyce and Giants Gaming facing off in the Grand Finals. However, even with each map being incredibly close, Giants Gaming was able to take down Splyce 3-0, and win the first EU 2K of 2018. A full list of final placements can be found below. European CWL 2K Final Placements – December 30th/ January 1st
 Rank  Team  Roster  Cash prize + Pro Points
 1  Giants Gaming TojoR, Lgend, YaKo, Braaain  $ 1,500 + 2,000 PP
 2 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Splyce Tommey, Jurd, MadCat, Bance  $ 500 + 1200 PP
 3/4  Overtime Esport Denz, Nevo, GefKid, Yohanson  800 PP
 3/4 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Red Reserve Joee, Rated, Joshh, Zer0  800 PP
 5/8 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau eXcel Esports QwiKeR, Desire, Alexx, Zed  600 PP
 5/8 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau UNILAD Esports Skrapz, wuskin, Seany, Moose  600 PP
 5/8 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Brash Esports Benji, Carbines,dReaL, Verdict  600 PP
 5/8 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Millenium MarkyB, Peatie, Urban, GunShy  600 PP
 9/16  Heretics Lucky, Pabloskis, Methodz, Envidian  400 PP
 9/16 Fr-france-drapeau Team Reborn Logan, LoWan, ZylewR, Husky  400 PP
 9/16 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Swanny Swanny, Revolt, Chain, Bidz  400 PP
 9/16 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Creza Creza, Cammy, SamB, endurAAA  400 PP
 9/16 Fr-france-drapeau Vitality Wailers, Zayrox, Malls, Riskin  400 PP
 9/16 Fr-france-drapeau Supremacy (w/ Fill in) Vortex, Eazy, Dynastie, SLG  400 PP
 9/16 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Infused Nolson, Niall, Defrag, Zerg  400 PP
 9/16  Team Wartex Jimmy, Wartex, MarDok, Paco  400 PP
 17/32 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team CMPLXD CMPLXD, KeeN, Jaffa, Shompy  200 PP
 17/32 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team JRezzy JRezzy, Parallax, Damage, eroomshoJ  200 PP
 17/32  FOX Esports FKKNMONSTER, Mazzo, JohnnyB, LeeGendz  200 PP
 17/32  Team Shukz Sayko, Heatz, Shukz, Muscova  200 PP
 17/32 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Epsilon Esports Vortex, Dqvee, Nathan, Hawqeh  200 PP
 17/32 De-allemagne-germany-all-drapeau Team Stelios Stelios, Ersin, Phantom, ZaiiNeX  200 PP
 17/32  Team Stallion ES Piggy, Baack, QuaZa, Cheimas  200 PP
 17/32  Team iMPact Piero, TPiece, Kivi, Prime  200 PP
 17/32 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Myki Myki, Hicksy, Ryapuu, Kiwi  200 PP
 17/32  x6tence BulGamer, EupHo7, Goobz, Terremoto  200 PP
 17/32  Drumpz & Co. Drumpz, Machete, CaLa, Bayon  200 PP
 17/32 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Cyberstorm Logic, Ashtye, Jxcko, George  200 PP
 17/32  Aventus & Co. Aventus, RRude, Dadisto, Monk  200 PP
 17/32 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Barrage Furbzie, Wizard, JDS, Beep  200 PP
 17/32 Uk-royaume-uni-angleterre-drapeau Team Weeman Briggs, Melon, Subsist, Weeman  200 PP
 17/32  GA Esports Fre7zR, Absy, Onerakos, Helliox  200 PP
  CoD: WWII MLG 2K Series Tournament Dates
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  • December 30th – Completed 
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