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Archive • Feb 12, 2018

Female Streamer is Going to Extreme Lengths to Avoid Breaking the New Twitch Community Guidelines

The new Twitch stream community guidelines have divided opinion, especially around what's deemed appropriate clothing to stream in. As the largest streaming website on the internet, Amazon-owned Twitch has always been in the firing line when a grey area is inevitably abused by some of their broadcasters for an advantage.

On Thursday February 9th, Twitch announced new community guidelines that are designed to make sure that those on stream are dressed appropriately, putting a huge target on the backs of the 'booby streamers'. Alongside their attempts to cut down on over-sexualization of streams, they also confirmed that there will be a tougher stance on 'harassment', including make sure chats are appropriately moderated and punishing people for remarks made off-stream.

One female streamer decided to take the new rules to the extreme and revealed her new outfit that she'll be broadcasting in going forward, ensuring she's safe from any suspensions or bans. Wearing a large winter coat, gloves and hat, she explained that this is her new look.
"I'm ready to stream with the new Twitch terms and services. There you go everyone, this is how I'm going to stream when the new Twitch terms and services come into effect. I can't literally lift my arms up any higher than this."
x DameggaGaming and the rest of the Twitch community have until February 19th until the new terms of service are fully operational. This includes ensuring that all clips and videos on a channel also adheer to the rules as it's possible to be retrospectively punished. For full information on the new guidelines, view the original news post. x