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Archive • Feb 22, 2018

FaZe Sensei Explains Why Logan Paul Would Be a Very Difficult Fight for KSI After Mayweather Gym Footage Surfaces

Isiah Ocasio-Pantoja, best known as FaZe Sensei, has shared his thoughts on a potential boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul and made it clear the Logan should not be overlooked. FaZe Sensei is an accomplished martial artist and trainer who has been a part of FaZe Clan since launching FaZe Fitness back in 2015 after working extensively with FaZe Temperrr.

A multiple-degree black belt, the 26 year old has been teaching martial arts since he was 13 and has competed in everything from kickboxing to MMA. He has recently gained more recognition after he helped to train KSI for his YouTube boxing match against Joe Weller - a fight that KSI won comfortably via TKO in the third round. With speculation about KSI’s next opponent at an all-time high, Sensei has explained why a Logan Paul fight would be difficult.

The FaZe member makes it clear that a fight between KSI and Logan Paul would be the “money fight” due to the massive following that both the YouTubers have. However, he also states that Logan Paul would be a dangerous opponent and that it would appear that he has had previous training judging off of his clips from the Mayweather Gym.  
Coming from someone who trains people off the street, I will tell you a couple things. It’s clear that Logan has hit pads before, he’s definitely had tape on his hands before and he’s definitely hit pads. He definitely hits pads a lot better than Jake

  Sensei also notes that Logan Paul has good posture, knows how to keep his hands up, and has a clear physical advantage, due to his height and reach, over KSI. However, he seems to be excited about the prospect of helping KSI to start preparing for Logan and makes it clear that he believes KSI still has a lot of room to improve.  
To see what JJ has done in four months of boxing training, without any athletic background, he wasn’t in shape and then had to just learn boxing, he had to learn boxing and get into boxing shape. Those two things are ridiculously difficult to do by themselves and he did them at the same time. I’m just excited to see what difference he makes in himself now that he has a strong base…
  He also makes it clear that he would love to fight on the undercard of KSI’s next fight, whether it be in an exhibition with one arm or a legitimate fight. The full FaZe Sensei video on the topic can be found below.