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FaZe Rain Returns to New York to Visit Old House

Would you let someone into your house to film if they claimed to have lived there previously?

That was the predicament of the new owner of the FaZe Clan GFUEL house in New York when Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat turned up on her doorstep.

The popular Youtuber and co-owner of the FaZe organisation promised his viewers that if one of his previous videos reached 100,000 likes, he’d fly out from the new house in Los Angeles to New York for a spot of reminiscing.

Thankfully the internet celebrity was granted access by the new owner, who allowed him unprecedented access to see how the old place now looked.

When the various members of the organisation lived there, it was prank central with each person out to get the next in a constant battle of terror. As a result, Rain admits that it became a bit of a trap den with various marks and holes on the walls.

Whilst on Facetime to fellow FaZe member Lucas ‘Blaziken’ Kristof, he admits that the new owner had turned it into a much nicer place to live.


FaZe Clan moved to Los Angeles and into their new hillside mansion in late December 2016. Their new headquarters comes complete with a pool, jacuzzi, elevator and to add to it, hired a personal chef.

Now based out in the sunnier climate of California, FaZe continue their onslaught on social media and Youtube, including recently surpassing OpTic Gaming to become the most followed esports brand on Twitter.


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