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FaZe Rain Plans Call of Duty Return

The co-leader of the FaZe Clan played Black Ops 2 for the first time for a while on April 18th.

Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat uploaded the video to his Youtube channel and explained how he would like to do more CoD related stuff after he received 100k likes on a recent trickshotting clip.

The popular personality is well known for his ability with the sniper on Call of Duty and has posted another follow up video to explain his future plans for content will be a mix of vlogs and CoD content.

Around the four minute mark of the video, Rain joins a lobby and prepares to play a free for all whilst attempting to hit trick shots. Stopped in his tracks due to his concern of lag and poor connection the video becomes filled with rage and a lot of screaming.

Despite the rage throughout various clips, Rain stated that he had revived his passion for CoD and plans to upload 2-3 CoD videos per week.


With a few glimmers of sniping excellence throughout the video there is hope of future content coming from Nordan. At the end of the video he gets a hitmarker on what he explained would have been “the coolest shot he has ever hit”.

Along with with Rain’s success on his recent CoD videos, could it influence his roommates in the FaZe house to upload some of their own trickshotting videos?

Part of the video also includes the news that the Vape Lord Nord GFUEL shakers are now available on the main website instead of just the app.

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