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FaZe ZooMaa Explains Wrist Injury “I was playing at 30% of my capability”

The topic of injuries in esports is still a subject that a lot of people find amusing due to the perceived low amount of movement required.

The reality, however, is that it has ended a number of careers due to young players failing to warm up correctly and subsequently injuring themselves.

FaZe Clan’s Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto is one of the top Call of Duty players in the world and whilst competing in Group Red in the CWL Global Pro League, he suffered some serious discomfort.

His team ended up narrowly placing second to qualify for the playoffs, requiring an epic comeback against Rise Nation, but all was not it seemed.

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We reached out to ZooMaa to find out more about his injury after it came to light over social media.

“I thought I had tendonitis, which is a swelling of the tendons in the arm. It hurt for around a month, but it was more weakness than anything, it felt like my analogue stick weighed 10 pounds. It really impacted me during the group stage though, as I felt like I was playing about 30% of my capability. I didn’t really talk about it much though so I basically suffered in silence.”

Thankfully it turned out that it was actually something the doctor could fix.

“I went to the doctors and luckily it wasn’t what I thought. They realised it was just a cyst in my wrist, which they were able to drain. They gave me a wrist brace to keep it straight when I’m playing and I feel like a new man.”

The news was originally announced on Twitter by teammate Dillon ‘Attach’ Price, who sounded excited to get back on the team practice grind. ZooMaa echoes that thought.

“It affected my practice a lot going into the group stage, and affected my personal play a lot even though I don’t think I played bad at all. For playoffs I’m not worried, my wirst has been treated and I feel great to play and get back to training. I’m basically 100% so no excuses.”

With his team captain James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks an advocate of warming up prior to games, has this changed ZooMaa’s perspective on avoiding an injury going forward?

“I will definitely take more care of my hands/wrist going forward with stretching and stuff before I play, but for the most part what I had was random. The doctors said it could happen to anyone. I’m just glad to be back and feeling full form.”

The CWL Global Pro League playoffs will involve FaZe going up against Team EnVyUs, Splyce, Evil Geniuses, eUnited, Luminosity, OpTic Gaming and Enigma6.

Taking place between May 26th to 28th, the eight teams will be placed into a double elimination bracket, with the draw done on May 18th to decide the first matchups.

If you’d like to learn more about how to prevent injuries whilst playing computer games, check the video below by Dr Levi Harrison.

The 5-minute tutorial has been viewed over 1 million times since being created over 3 years ago, but the techniques involved are effectively timeless and will not only help prevent injury but also help boost performance.

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