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FaZe Clan’s Enable “The Hardest Team We Played Were eUnited”

The revival of the FaZe Clan Call of Duty team is one of the exciting storylines of the competitive scene going into 2017.

After failing to get higher than fourth throughout the entire Black Ops 3 season, the second longest serving CoD team took first place at Playstation Experience Invitational and third at MLG Las Vegas.

FaZe are looking more like the squad who terrorised teams on Advanced Warfare, and after winning the latest 2K online tournament, the squad have almost enough points to guarantee themselves a pool play spot at MLG Atlanta in February.

What did the win mean for the squad? We reached out to Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt to find out.

“The pro point grind seems to be very exhausting. I’m personally relieved we were able to win this 2K so we are able to focus more on getting quality practice then playing for 5 pro points. Overall it was a tough tournament because of the hours you play, but the hardest team we played were eUnited in the finals. Those players are fairly new so we weren’t used to their playstyle”.


The subject of the pro points ladder has been causing headaches across the professional player community, with calls for it to be scrapped due to the hours required to play in order to win only a small amount of points. We asked Ian for solutions.

“I think they should switch to 250 series tournaments and just run a bunch of tournaments daily so the pro teams can get quality practice. How it is right now, the quality of practice is poor because every team is just grinding GB pro point matches against lower skilled teams”.

Thankfully for those competing at the top level, the event season for Infinite Warfare is approaching, including back to back weekends in February when MLG Atlanta is followed by ESWC 2017 in Paris.

Ian famously won an ESWC title during Advanced Warfare with the OpTic Gaming, attending as a sub after Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag left after their 7th place finish at CoD Champs 2015. As expected, he’s fired up for the prospect of playing two major tournaments.

“I’m actually excited to compete back to back weekends. I love live events so even though it will be a hectic two weekends, it’ll be a lot of fun to travel and compete”.

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