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FaZe Clan: The Good and Bad of Black Ops 3

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After such an incredible year for FaZe Clan’s Pro team throughout Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 didn’t quite live up to expectations.

With the announcement that UMG Orlando was cancelled because of Hurricane Matthew, it signalled the official end of the Black Ops 3 season.

Whilst players, teams and leagues wait for Infinite Warfare in early November, we can take a look at the good and bad of FaZe Clan’s journey through 2016.

Good – Stuck Together

Faze up 2

Despite a tough year where nothing really seemed to go their way, FaZe have stuck it out as a roster. To have such an impressive couple of months on Advanced Warfare and to then struggle for an entire year on Black Ops 3 would put strain on any line up.

Through it all the team maintained their composure, never publicly blamed their teammates and remained as a unit. As a result they were always feared throughout the year, because everyone knew what they were capable of what they could do together.

Bad – No Tournament Wins

clayster MLG

Not only did they fail to win a single event throughout the Black Ops 3 season, they also failed to reach a single final. After winning 3 of the 5 events they took part in on Advanced Warfare as a roster, to not even get close to the gold was visibly heartbreaking for a squad, especially when they know how to win.

Good – Consistently Competitive


Although FaZe didn’t have their best year for first place finishes, they were consistent and placed in the top four on three seperate occasions. Considering the lack of events available to attend in comparison to AW, it wasn’t a wasted year by any means. On top of that their online performance was consistent and as mentioned previously, going into each event they were always considered a threat.

Bad – Struggled In The Bracket

optic gaming faze

In three out of the four group stages that FaZe played in during Black Ops 3, they advanced without barely dropping a game. When it came to playing in a single elimination or a winner bracket, FaZe simply didn’t perform.

At four seperate tournaments (XP, ESWC, S2 playoffs, Orlando), they failed to win their opening bracket matches, whilst at S1 playoffs and UMG South Carolina they only managed to win one match before being eliminated in the next.

This leads me nicely onto my next point.

Good – Great In The Loser Bracket


That’s right, FaZe are fantastic are running through the loser bracket and that was shown at MLG Orlando and Anaheim as they battled countless professional teams to eventually place fourth. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as the squad are well known for their loser bracket runs and never give up attitude.

Bad – The Fire Wasn’t There

Hyped Clay

I don’t have any doubt that each and every FaZe member wanted to win with all their heart, but throughout the Black Ops 3 season, the fire that was there during those wins on AW was missing. The team would show glimmers of it in the group stage or the loser bracket, but ultimately it felt like the squad always had something missing.

Good – Still Undefeated Against OpTic Gaming

Scump confused

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