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Archive • Jun 24, 2016

FaZe Clan Announce Overwatch Team


It has been announced by the FaZe Clan organisation that they've picked up an Overwatch team. Posting on their Facebook page, they revealed a lineup that features a former Quake world champion in Sabian 'Clamp' Hayblum as well as NA legend, Daniel 'fRod' Montaner, who was only a couple of months ago competing with the compLexity CS:GO squad. The squad will join the Counter Strike and Call of Duty line ups that FaZe current hold. The move is another step for an organisation who've set their sights on becoming more than just a Call of Duty sniping team. Can they start to rival the likes of Fnatic, Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 in North America? Despite only being released for a couple of weeks, Overwatch is set to take the esports world by storm as developers Blizzard with their sights firmly set on challenging League of Legends as the biggest esport in the world. Official Statement from FaZe Facebook -
It’s a big day for the Clan.
Just months after expanding into Counter Strike, it’s time for us to continue our eSports growth with it’s newest title, Overwatch! Overwatch is a 6v6 game, and here are our new 6 guys:
  • Sabian “CLAMP” Hayblum: @FaZeCLAMP
  • Daniel “fRoD” Montaner: @OfficialfRoD
  • Kevin “Wonderfuls” Nguyen: @FaZeWonderfuls
  • Lucas “mendokusaii” Hakansson: @FaZeMendokusaii
  • Marcel “Veineless” Lehmann: @FaZeVeineless
  • Elvinas “evokje” Padegimas: @FaZeEvokje
The biggest reason we’re so excited about this roster is they come with a strong eSports background. CLAMP, the Captain, won multiple World Championships on Quake, & fRoD won multiple World Championships on Counter Strike: in addition to being named North America’s eSports Player of the Decade. On Overwatch, Mendokusaii went 57-0 in it’s first season before coming on to form this roster.
Their first Tournament under the FaZe name starts tomorrow, at the JoshOG Overwatch 8 Team Invitational, where we’ll hope to start off a great history in this eSport alongside our Call of Duty & Counter Strike teams. #FaZeUp

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