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Archive • Mar 22, 2016

10 Famous eSport Cities Around The World

By Mike Kent (@DexertoMike) A recent article suggested that Las Vegas would become the Mecca for eSports after a Chinese conglomerate put in plans to create an eSports arena. It got me thinking about which cities are synonymous with eSports, check out my list below!

London, England

London 1 Image Credit - We'll kick off with London as it's usually the go-to place for a lot of European eSports. The home of Gfinity with their dedicated eSports arena, it's also hosted a number of big events recently including the LCS quarter finals for Worlds at Wembley. With one of the biggest transport hubs in the world, it makes the perfect location for an event with global participants.

Shanghai, China

shanghai Image credit -

This city hosted the last DOTA2 Major as 16 teams battled it out for $3,000,000 in prize money. But its eSport prowess expands well beyond Dota, with huge competitions for League of Legends regularly taking place in the Chinese mega-city.

Los Angeles, USA

los angeles Image Credit -

The home to practically every major console eSports tournament, Los Angeles has hosted every $1,000,000 CoD Champs tournament since the XP event in 2011 with similar events in 2013, 2014, 2015. On top of that the city has just hosted the Halo World Championships for $2.5 million dollars and has hosted major PC eSport events throughout the last 10 years. It's also home to a lot of team houses.

Seoul, South Korea

seoul Image credit - Arguably the city with the most eSports affiliation, Seoul in South Korea has played a pivotal role in advancing eSports through the country's Starcraft obsession. Home to world's first eSports stadium, competitive gaming is a way of life for many of its citizens. The city is even home to Korea's official e-Sports governing body, KeSPA.

New York, USA

new-york Image credit -

Home to the offices of eSport companies including MLG, New York has also hosted it's fair share of big events. The FIFA Interactive World Cup chose the city for the 2016 finals and the LCS NA 2015 Finals, selling out the entirety of Maddison Square Garden. It is expected that the city will increase it's presence in the scene as eSports popularity

Berlin, Germany

berlin Image credit -

Two years ago, Riot announced LoL Europe would be moving to the Germany capital city of Berlin. The city is no stranger to eSports organisations, hosting a number of large tournaments in a country that widely celebrates competitive gaming.

Cologne, Germany

cologne Image credit -

The second German city in this list, Cologne is home to the biggest eSports tournament organiser in the world, ESL. Hosting everything from European CoD World League events in their studio to major CS, LoL and DOTA2 tournaments at the Intel Extreme Masters. It helps that it's a beautiful city too.

Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm 1 Image Credit - LINK Home of the mighty Dreamhack and all its glory, Stockholm in Sweden is a mecca for a country who've embraced eSports well ahead of most western countries. You can regularly find huge tournaments and even bigger LAN parties taking place across the city and is home to some of the top teams in the world for CS and DOTA.

Katowice, Poland

katowice 3 Image Credit - This city has opened its arms to eSports and no one has done more than ESL to increase the locations popularity with eSports. The Polish city  host events here in the incredible Spodek Arena, a vast and expansive stadium that has seen regular CS, LoL and Dota2 action over the years.

Sydney, Australia


The Oceanic giant of Sydney is the home of that entire continent's eSport activity. Regularly hosting LCS, CoD, CS and every other types of competitive gaming tournament, there really isn't any other location in the region that people always flock to.

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