Faker’s New Contract Includes an Insane Salary

A leak has suggested that SK Telecom T1’s LoL player, Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, will be pocketing more than your average esports player in 2017.

Faker is South Korean League of Legends player and well regarded as the best in the world, often to referred to as God, and recently picked up his third world championship title after beating Samsung Galaxy in October.

The unconfirmed source was posted by South Korea sports news website, Naver.com, claiming that Faker will be picking up an annual cheque of 3 billion┬áSK Won per year, approximately $2.5 million in US Dollars.┬áThe figure doesn’t include money made from competitions or personal sponsorships.

Despite requests for the information, the SK Telecom T1 organisation have said they’ll never reveal his salary.

Source – Naver.com


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