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FAB Esports Announce Roster Change to Call of Duty Lineup

The FAB Call of Duty team has released three of their British players ahead of the CWL Global Pro League online qualifier.

The three Brits had been playing alongside Austrian player Kevin ‘Kivi’ Fiala, most recently placing 9th to 12th at CWL Birmingham in April.


It was announced on Tuesday May 16th that Kivi would be looking for three new players to complete his side, although it was only later clarified that he would be remaining with FAB.

The Austrian is a familiar face in the European Call of Duty scene and before joining FAB back in 2015, he was also part of SK Gaming and Killerfish.

The remainder of the team now released will hope they can cause an upset in the CWL Global Pro League relegation tournament and bag themselves a trip to CWL Anaheim. With only one spot available from Europe it won’t be easy with the likes of former iGame as the front runners.

The roster lock for the online qualifier in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific is June 1st, meaning Kivi and his old team only have just over two weeks to work something out.

ex-FAB Games CoD:

  • uk flag Shane ‘Addiction’ Tatum
  • uk flag Martin ‘TypicalNerd’ Black
  • uk flag Jordan ‘Momentus’ Rayat

FAB Games CoD:

  • austria Kevin ‘Kivi’ Fiala

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