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Evil Geniuses Hire a Former Pro Player to Work with CoD Team Ahead of Relegation and CWL Seattle

It looks like Embry ‘Bevils’ Bevil’s plans to retire from actively competing in Call of Duty, and to pursue a career as a coach instead, have already paid off as he has landed himself a position with one of the game’s most high profile teams.

Bevils originally broke onto the scene during the Advanced Warfare season as a part of XGN Competitive, attending just two events and finishing outside of the top 16 on both occasions.

The 21 year old Search and Destroy star then sat out the entirety of the Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare seasons before deciding to take another shot at the professional scene with with the release of WWII and a return to “boots on the ground” gameplay.

He started off the season with Enigma6 and a 9th – 12th finish at CWL Dallas but was forced to find a new home soon after that with DooM Clan (which later became eRa Eternity) where he helped to clinch a CWL Pro League spot.

Unfortunately Bevils found himself on the outside looking in once more when Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevic replaced him and he “retired” from professional play. That retirement seems to have become a permanent decision, though, and he recently announced that he was looking to become a coach and had an entire folder of strats.

And it looks like it didn’t take long for a team to take him up on that offer as he revealed on April 15th that he has now joined Evil Geniuses and will be working with them ahead of CWL Seattle, stating that he is “excited for the future”.




The week that Bevils talks about is a crucial one for Evil Geniuses. On Thursday April 19th they will play in the CWL Pro League Relegation tournament which will be a double elimination bracket offline event featuring eight teams.

If they manage to secure a top four finish at the end of the relegation tournament, they will qualify for Season 2 of the CWL Pro League, secure a pool play spot for CWL Seattle, and even qualify for the 2018 World Championship. If they finish in the bottom four, their WWII season might end right there.

CWL Seattle is due to take place from April 20th – 22nd and will feature a $200,000 Prize Pool. It will also be Evil Geniuses’ first major event since replacing Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler and Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt with Adam ‘Assault Garcia and Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo-Palmer.

Presumably Bevils’ position with Evil Geniuses for the rest of the year is largely dependant on a top four finish in Relegation and a strong showing at CWL Seattle.


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