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European CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 Teams Confirmed

The European teams for Stage 1 of the CWL Global Pro League have been confirmed.

With six spots available to the region, and five teams having the distinct advantage of starting their run at the CWL Dallas Open from pool play, there was only really one spot that was likely to be in contention.

The teams closest to grasping it were Epsilon and iGame, each separated by only a few thousand points, and both playing through the open bracket.

In reality, then, when iGame failed to make it into the championship bracket while Epsilon made it through, things were almost certainly locked up. Though Supremacy did manage to survive the longest out of the European open bracket teams, they would have required an almost unfathomable top-4 finish to overtake Epsilon in Pro Points.

The already low probability of such an occurrence has now been reduced to zero, however, as Supremacy are eliminated from the lower bracket in a 3-0 sweep by Red Reserve. As a result, the European teams that will compete in the first season of the Global Pro League have been confirmed.

  • uk flag Splyce
  • uk flag Millenium
  • uk flag Red Reserve
  • uk flag Fnatic
  • uk flag Elevate
  • uk flag Epsilon

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