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eUnited To Winner Bracket Semi-Finals At CWL Dallas Open

eUnited continue to power through the CWL Dallas Open with a 3-1 victory against Enigma6.

The CWL Atlanta champions have had been looking dangerous so far at their second  MLG event together. Having topped their group despite an upset loss against open bracket qualifiers Team Kaliber, they faced Enigma6 in the first round of the winner bracket.

Enigma6 also had a hot start to the event, going 6-0 in their first two pool play matches, but cooled off somewhat later on, getting 3-0’d themselves by Splyce and ultimately exiting their group in second place.

At the start of the bracket stage, it was Hardpoint superiority for eUnited that really differentiated these two teams. A convincing first map win gave the lead to eUnited immediately, and they held onto it with a 6-5 SnD victory.

Enigma6 denied the 3-0, but it was a close call. After giving up their lead in regulation on the Uplink, the team were finally able to close it out in overtime, forcing a fourth map. Going back to Hardpoint, however, eUnited were once again on home turf, and it was a simple matter to close out the series 3-1.


eUnited move onto the winner bracket semi-finals, where they guarantee themselves a minimum top-six placement, an instant improvement on their disappointing top-12 at the CWL Paris Open. Their opponent will be decided between FaZe and The GosuCrew.

Enigma6, meanwhile, have ensured a top-12 finish simply by their performance in the group stage, but will now have to fight through the lower bracket if they are to go any further.

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