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eUnited Thrash Splyce 3-0 to Set Up LB Final with FaZe

Credit: MLG

eUnited’s triumph and FaZe’s loss means the sides will clash for a second time at CWL Dallas.

The loser bracket semis flashed by after Splyce and FaZe suffered simultaneous 3-0 hammerings by the CWL Atlanta and Paris champions respectively.

FaZe will have another chance to reach the grand final but Splyce exit after an anti-climactic performance at contrast to their 3-2 win over eUnited in France’s capital.


Nevertheless, the decision to bring in Zer0 following Joshh’s departure has been rewarded with 2 -bracket round improvement since the last event to finish 4th, arguably confirming their ascendency to the mantle of European leaders.

After losing a 5-game series in winners round 2 against FaZe, eUnited have been in scintillating form to claim CoD XP’s first and second place scalps without conceding a map.

A guaranteed Pro League place before the tournament had no impact on their motivation to prove that their Paris finish, rather than Atlanta title, was the anomaly. Just one team stands between a group originally dubbed online warriors and a place in a second grand final of the Infinite Warfare season.

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