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Archive • Aug 12, 2017

eUnited Stand Firm Against Allegiance in Winner Bracket Round Two | Call of Duty Championship 2017

Call of Duty Championships 2017

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Winner Bracket Round Two

 eUnited: Arcitys, Prestinni, SiLLY, Clayster


 Allegiance: Spoof, Mayhem, Believe, Nova

eUnited continued their march through the Call of Duty Championships winner bracket with a 3-1 victory against Team Allegiance. The series was always likely to be something of a mismatch, with Allegiance having had little presence at the highest level of competition over the year, while eUnited were coming off of a victory against Luminosity looking like one of the strongest teams in the world. The Allegiance squad were able to put up a solid resistance, however, forcing eUnited to work for their win. Towards the end of the opening Scorch Hardpoint, the game looked to be going the way of Allegiance, having opened up a sizeable lead and requiring a mere ten points to close it out. On the final two hills, however, eUnited were nearly flawless, clutching up to claw their way back from the deficit and clinch the map 250-243. While not as pronounced, Retaliation Search and Destroy similarly saw Allegiance get out to an early lead, but again they weren’t able to put eUnited away, who strung together four consecutive rounds before ultimately ending the game with a 6-4 win and taking a 2-0 series lead.

Throwback Uplink once again saw Allegiance start strong, but this time they were at last able to carry their performance through to the end, an 8-3 victory to keep the series alive and force a fourth map. On Breakout Hardpoint, however, eUnited would at last kick into a gear that few teams can match, closing out the series with an easy 250-55 victory. eUnited will now progress to play Team EnVyUs, another squad that have been looking fierce so far this event. Allegiance, meanwhile, will head to the lower bracket to fight Enigma6 for their tournament lives. - eUnited vs Allegiance: Scorch HP: 250-243 Retaliation SnD: 6-4 Throwback Uplink: 3-8 Breakout HP: 250-55 -

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