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eUnited Edge A Win Against Millenium At CWL Dallas Open

The CWL Atlanta champions eUnited survived a scare from the newly-renamed Millenium in their first match of the CWL Dallas Open.

In what many are describing as the group of death simply due to the potential parity of the teams, eUnited have started well, winning a hard-fought 3-2 series against the squad formerly known as Infused.

Ultimately, it was eUnited’s Hardpoint prowess that kept them safe, in both maps Millenium simply couldn’t compete. Even so, things looked concerning for the Atlanta champions when Millenium were able to fend off a last-second push in the Uplink, ensuring five maps after eUnited responded with the subsequent Hardpoint.

With the European side having looked strong in their victory on the first SnD, the prospect of another didn’t necessarily sit in eUnited’s favour. When it came to it, however, eUnited were able to come out on top to clinch the series.


It may well have been a critical win. With Cloud9 and MindFreak also going the distance, the North American’s coming out on top there too, Group B is already shaping up as expected, with the teams seemingly very evenly matched. In such a closely contested pool, every match will be crucial.

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