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Archive • Jul 14, 2017

eUnited Defeat Rise Nation in Thrilling Debut With Clayster

eUnited picked up the win in their LAN debut with their new squad against Rise Nation. It was a painful series to watch for Rise Nation fans. In the opening Hardpoint on Retaliation, Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson and Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo started with a combined 2-22 over most of the first rotation of hills, giving Rise Nation a better opportunity than they could have dreamed of to start strong.

Over the second half of the map, however, the eUnited squad started to step up. With Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson and new addition James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks having kept the team from being completely blown out with some solid play, once the whole team began to perform the gap began to close. In the end, eUnited pulled off the comeback with seconds to spare, taking the map 250-246. Things wouldn’t get better for Rise on Throwback Search and Destroy. Another strong start put them at a 3-1 lead, but once again eUnited rallied, taking four consecutive rounds for map point. Rise pulled the game back to a round eleven, but despite drawing first blood were once again unable to clutch up for the win, going 0-2 down in the series. Frost Uplink was another close affair, with the two teams tied at 4-4 going into the closing minutes. This time it was Rise that were able to find another gear, putting through s series of scores as the game came to a close despite failing to capitalize on a camo play, and taking the map 9-4. The final Hardpoint was played on Breakout, and once again it was Rise Nation with the hot start. This time, the lead was even larger, in excess of 100 points as SiLLY once again had a kill-less start in the opening minutes.

Yet again, eUnited were able to step up when it mattered. Once they got rolling, Clayster and co didn’t let up, dominating across the second half of the map to hand Rise Nation yet another painful defeat and take the series 3-1. In real terms, it’s not a flawless opening for eUnited, in a series that could easily have been a 3-0 sweep for Rise with only a few kills going differently in the first two maps. However, it’s undoubtedly one that the squad will celebrate – come-backs of the nature they pulled off twice are rare in isolation. Rise, meanwhile, will need to focus on forgetting their opening series – letting it haunt them going forward will do the team no good.


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