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eUnited Advance to Grand Final of CWL Dallas

The question of whether eUnited’s win at CWL Atlanta was merely a fluke performance has been answered after reaching another grand final.

Coming into CWL Dallas, many doubted the newcomers as just one hit wonders, but over the course of March 17th to 19th, they proved they belong at the top.


After losing to FaZe Clan in the winner bracket semi-final, eUnited got their chance for redemption in the loser bracket final of the $200,000 tournament.

FaZe dropped down to the loser bracket after a defeat to OpTic in the winner bracket final, and it appeared that tough loss carried into the next game.

The eUnited squad took a 2-0 lead with 250-206 win on Hardpoint Throwback and a tight round 11 win on SnD Retaliation.

FaZe clawed back a map with an overtime victory on Uplink Throwback to take it to Hardpoint Retaliation.

A strong start from eUnited put them in control of the map early on and despite FaZe’s best attempt to bring it level, they were eventually outrun 250-122 to secure eUnited a spot in the grand final.

They now face OpTic Gaming, the same team they defeated at CWL Atlanta to lift the championship. They’ll require a back to back series wins due to coming from the loser bracket.

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