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Archive • Jan 12, 2018

Esports Takes Another Step Forward as Tournament Organizer Caters for Disabled Fans

Capcom Cup 2017, the $380,000 Street Fighter V tournament that was held in December of 2017, made a brilliant gesture towards deaf fans during the Top 8 stage of the competition. The premier fighting game competition took place from December 9th - 12th 2017 in Anaheim, California, with 32 competitors vying for the title.

Top players from all around the world were in attendance, including an immensely strong Japanese continence. But it was Saul Leonardo 'MenaRD' Mena II, a Rise Nation player from the Dominican Republic, that eventually came out on top and claimed the $250,000 first place prize. One of the best European players in attendance was Method's Oliver 'Luffy' Hay, a French Player and the only Western player to win the Evolution Championship Series on Street Fighter IV.

For Luffy, Capcom 2017 ended with a 9th - 12th finish, but that didn't stop him from sticking around to watch the Top 8 stage play out. On January 11th 2018 the French star took to Twitter to share a video and highlight something very special that Capcom did to cater to any disabled fans in attendance.  

  The organizers had hired a caster to commentate on the matches for any deaf fans that may have been on the audience, Luffy stated that this was the first time that he had seen this done in over 9 years of competition, saying that he was "amazed". The player went on to thank Capcom and say "I'm proud to be a member of your community. Michael Martin, the Capcom Esports Social Media Manager, later responded to the Tweet, saying that it had been suggested by Sony and that he was happy that they had managed to accommodate it.